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Hi there, I'm Carmen Grigore.

I am an experienced Team & Organisational Development Consultant, whith roots deep in Line Manager roles. Now I want to share what I've learnt and become Line Managers' partner on their journey towards leading with impact and working smarter.

How we can work together.
You are a Mid Manager* - either for the first time or have been one for quite some time and you are now going through overwhelming changes. You are striving to work smart while taking care of yourself and your people's development. And you realise you cannot do it alone.  I can support you on two areas:
  • discover your strengths and those of your team members' and learn how each of you and all of you make an impact & contribution;
  • approach work as a consultant and learn how to assess the 'As-Is', to clarify the 'To-Be' and co-design purposeful solutions that help you and your team work smarter and become your best.
We do all that in the context of a real project from your organisation, one that is relevant to you and your team.​
*or a Team Manager, or a Supervisor, a Coordinator, a People Manger. Whatever the label in the Org Chart, you are in middle of it all.
Get inspired by ideas & insights
and let's have a conversation.

Books I've read, I'm reading or on my reading list.

Please, share yours!


Distilled thoughts or spantaneous ones about ways of working.

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