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The Services

There are no magic answers,
no quick-win-approaches. 

You will not find here a 10-steps-plan
to becoming a great Team Manager
or to leading impactful teams.

There is work, involvement,
experimentation and time invested
in understanding the whys,
the hows & the whats. 

Together we'll build the most appropriate
journey for you and your team. 
People Skills for Team Leaders
Understand your people
& your leadership style

You and the people in your team are unique. Using the Game Changer Index®  you and your team will be empowered to understand your impact & contribution.
You will  understand the  complementarity of team members and your particular approach to leadership.
We do all that in individual & team development sessions.

Learn more about this service
in a free of charge
30 minutes meeting 
Business Process Skills for Team Leaders
Understand your work
& how to optimize it

We are constantly challenged to improve processes and to foster team agility & resilience. Starting from a real project in your team / organization, we will work together in a journey from the current situation towards the desired one.
During our working sessions, you and your team will learn about consulting mindset and you will practice hands-on consultant skills. We will use relevant approaches & frameworks that will help you and your team work smarter & better, again and again.

Learn more about this service
in a free of charge

30 minutes meeting 
Learn On!
Build your learning log

Every working session, every workshop are as many opportunities to learn.
We will debrief and share our lessons learnt and build individual & team learning logs that will help you and your team add clear goals to your development plans. This is not a stand-alone working stream or expertise area. Rather, it is an ongoing process. I just wanted to emphasize the importance learning has in all the Become Solutions. Not to mention the fun!

Learn more about this service
in a free of charge

30 minutes meeting 
The approach
Discovery meetings 
Several real conversations about what matters to you and your team, your challenges as business & people leader.

We take our time to clarify the current state, the baseline  ("As Is"), to define the desired state ("To Be"), and to understand what it takes to cover the "Gap".
We also decide who else to bring onboard.

Design & Implementation 
Solution & Program design sessions where we analyze the gap.
We identify the development needs and prototype several solutions and/or program that make sense to you, your team and your organization.
Work Desk
Why me?

Because I have been in your shoes (if you are a Manager) or in at least one of your employees shoes (if you are a CEO).
Who else to know better the challenges, the successes, the lows and the highs a Middle Manages goes thru? 

I am here to make things clearer, easier and transparent.
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