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I am Carmen Grigore

An experienced Team Development Consultant, with roots deep in Line Manager roles.

I want to share what I've learnt
and become Line Managers' partner
on their journey towards becoming Impactful and  Engaging  Leaders and working smarter.
What I can do for you and your organisation starts with what I can do for your Managers and their teams.

For more than a decade, I have been a Manager, under different names, in diverse teams and during challenging times.
My first role as Team Manager in 2005 was quite a challenge: the surprise of being proposed to take the lead of a newly formed team, the enthusiasm of being part of it, the energy of co-building something from scratch, the opportunity to contribute to the team's development.
After one long year of hard work, I decided not to continue as a tasks supervisor, meant to fire-fight and push humans in predefined boxes, at all costs.
I knew there were better ways of doing things: with and for the people.
How can we - individuals & team - work smarter and stay energized?

Eager to learn how to work smarter, I changed my job and became a Business Analyst focused on business processes design & redesign, under the supervision of a team of external Management Consultants.
There and then, I fell in love with the philosophy of Business Process Mapping & Design, the idea of ownership (of processes, projects, roles a.s.o.), the Lean approach, the ongoing improvement mindset and the learning behind all work experiences. 
I felt “enlightened” & “empowered”: I had new tools in my toolbox and I could approach management in a creative, collaborative and impactful way. 
What is the approach?

It is about team work: from the middle of the organization towards the periphery and the other way  around.

We start with understanding how people in your teams contribute and have impact, and what  is  your  leadership style as Team Manager.
We understand your work and identify work improvement opportunities.
We chart the developement journey and build the learning log.
About me

I am strongly oriented to individual, team & organizational development. I combine the experience of People & Process Manager with being a People & Organizational Consultant.

I worked as People & Process Manager in one of the top industrial organizations in Romania for a period of over 10 years and successfully led several operational teams during times of both economic growth and recession. I have designed fit-for-purpose structures and operating models and built impactful teams and talent capabilities.

Starting with 2015 I have worked as Senior Management Consultant, in projects aimed to promote new, collaborative ways of working and in projects focused on Work Architecture and Talent Management.
Today I focus on supporting Team Managers and People Professionals to understand and to foster individual & team impact (using Game Changer Index®) and to work smarter (using management consulting tools & frameworks).
My Learning Journey

My hands-on experience has always been fueled by continuous learning and development.
I am a lifelong learner!
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