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Dear Mid-Manager,

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

I truly believe you are a designer. You design business processes, budgets and, ultimately, destinies:

those of your team members, your peers, the customers and all other stakeholders. You also indirectly impact the lives of the communities you work in and belong to. Every decision you make or do not make has some impact on quite a number of lives.

As a Manager and during the consulting missions I was part of, I discovered that there was a depth of human creativity and talent left untapped by complacency and by the 'business as usual' thinking. So, I've always asked myself: how can I work smarter so that personal and organisational aspirations are aligned? There are no magic answers and each team and company have their own particular journey. Sometimes, the only simple thing to do is to open the space for people to self-organize around the projects they see as essential to their purpose. Other times, it is required to invest time and energy in really understanding the people you work with and how their personal journeys connect to the organisation. Well, there are a lot to build on and I am here to build with you, if you choose to get involved beyond business as usual.

So, my question to you is: How do you choose to make an impact?

I look forward to dialoguing and discovering with you, to challenging the status

-quo to the benefit of all our networked destinies.


Team & Organisational Development Consultant

@Become Consulting

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