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The GC Index® dimensions
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Aligning everyone
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You and the people in your team are unique. Using the Game Changer Index® you and your team will be empowered to understand your impact & contribution. You will also understand the complementarity of team members and your particular approach to leadership.
Individual Impact:
  • you will receive confidential links to complete The GC Index® (this takes just 10-15 minutes to complete),
  • Once completed I will take you through your detailed personal GC Index® profile outlining how you can make a game-changing impact,
  • you will understand how you can make the best impact in your current & future role.
Team Impact:​
  • you will receive a Team Report with observations for each individual's impact ont the team & the impact of the Team as a whole;
  • detailed Team Diagnostic regarding strengths, culture, tensions, gaps, potential weaknesses, development opportunities;
  • detailed recommendations for driving team performance across Creativity and Game-Changing, Strategy and Direction, Implementation and Learning & Innovation.
Individual & Team Impact

Let's work together

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